Pixel-to-Print Muralist is a PDF resource for creatives who work in raster or vector art and want to create murals without painting them! This guide will walk you through all the stages and best practices of printed mural projects so you can confidently offer vinyl murals as a service.
Digital Mural Contract Template is a resource for creatives working on printed mural projects. Protect yourself and your art by understanding what crucial terms and conditions to include in your contracts. This product is a companion to Pixel-to-Muralist: Guide to Vinyl Murals for Digital Artists. 
Public Art Is Calling You: A Beginner's Guide to Public Art Commissions is for creatives who want to answer art calls with more confidence. This guide will provide you with a foundation for public art calls without exhausting your precious time and energy. Includes writing tips for artist statements and important information on insurance, copyright, and more!
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