Hi there! If you're new to my work, my name is Ann, and I'm an illustrator and muralist living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Throughout my career as a muralist, I've encountered jobs where the clients lacked the budget for handpainted murals or to accommodate travel. Instead of declining the gig altogether, I negotiated to design the art digitally, and they hired a sign company vendor to print and install the mural as a vinyl wall wrap. Sometimes, clients approached me with the intention of vinyl because either the mural was for a one-day event, they wanted to switch the design annually, or they didn't want to invest in a handpainted mural when they weren't sure how long they'd lease a location. 
Vinyl murals quickly became my favorite type of project because I was able to create them remotely anywhere and anytime, unlike handpainted murals. 

As much as I adore painting, all the intense planning, stress, and labor involved made me appreciate the ease of handing off a digital design. I know many creatives dream of painting murals, and I understand the allure of transforming a blank wall with a brush; however, after five years as a muralist, I can confirm that vinyl murals are equally rad and satisfying! 

To share my excitement, I created a resource to help you successfully navigate vinyl mural projects!   
Pixel-to-Print Muralist: Guide To Vinyl Murals for Digital Artists is for creatives who want to design murals without painting them.

If you want to learn how to create vinyl murals or understand how to price them, I'll teach you everything I know! What I love about vinyl murals is that you still get to experience the magic of seeing your art as a mural without the heavy physical labor. You can work for out-of-state and international clients from the comfort of your home, and the time you save from traveling and painting allows you to direct your energy elsewhere. There are so many benefits to vinyl murals that I sometimes convince my clients to go for that route instead.

Whether you're an experienced muralist or an illustrator yearning to step into the mural industry, this guide will walk you through all the stages and best practices of printed mural projects so you can confidently offer vinyl murals as a service. The knowledge you acquire from this guide can be applied to other vinyl projects like utility boxes, signages, vehicles, and more! 

Contents Include: 

Vinyl wrap basics and advantages of vinyl murals
 Understand raster and vector art for vinyl murals 
Crucial questions to ask the client when gathering project details
How to determine pricing with real-life pricing examples from $2k–$14k
How to present a quote and conduct follow-ups with email examples
 How to present a contract with email examples
Important tips on confirming measurements
 Learn proper file and bleed setup and how to export raster and vector art for printing
 Understand color-proofs and when to include them in your project
 Tips on delivering your print files with usage rights reminders
 How to upsell usage at the end of a project
 Outreach ideas, including how to utilize LinkedIn

This guide is perfect for: 

Artists who are comfortable creating raster or vector-based art.
Creatives who wish to see their art exist as murals for workplaces, events, and retail settings.   
Illustrators who are aiming to diversify their portfolio with unique projects.
 Seasoned freelancers who want to offer mural services to their existing corporate clients.
 Homebodies who wish to stay home and create murals without painting them.
 Overworked muralists who want to free up their time by offering vinyl murals.

This guide is NOT suitable for: 

 Artists who want to make "a quick buck."
Beginners or students who are new to creating digital art and client work.
People who don't enjoy learning through reading. This is a written guide without video content.

What's included in the guide:

 21 pages total, covering 18 topics.
 Interactive table of contents with clickable links when viewed digitally.
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Is the content of the guide only applicable to artists in the United States? 
While some information may be relevant to international creatives, this guide is meant for creatives based in the U.S.

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