Learn to harness the power of printed murals by tapping into your ability to create digital art!
If you dream of seeing your art as a mural but painting is your biggest obstacle, I'm here to remind you that you can create murals without painting them! 

Here's how: You design the art digitally with Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fresco. The client hires a sign company to install the mural as a printed wall wrap, known as vinyl. Printed murals are often used in workplaces, interiors of retail and restaurants, outdoor advertising, conferences, and pop-up events!
Experience the magic of seeing your art as a mural without the heavy physical labor.

I believe artists of all backgrounds and physical abilities should have the opportunity to see their art exist as murals. Printed murals are an alternative entry to the world of murals for creatives. Whether you're an experienced muralist or an illustrator yearning to step into the mural industry, my guide will walk you through all the stages and best practices of printed mural projects so you can confidently offer printed murals as a service. The knowledge you acquire from this guide can be applied to other printed projects like utility boxes, signages, vehicles, and more! 

Artists should consider printed murals when: 

The art is for outdoors temporarily or indoors permanently.
You can't physically paint due to existing conditions or injuries.
 You can't travel due to prior commitments, responsibilities, or transportation barriers.
 You aren't ready to invest in paint supplies and liability insurance for handpainted murals.
 You're a burnt-out muralist wanting a break from painting.

Clients choose printed murals when: 

They want to switch the art frequently and cost-efficiently.
They urgently need the mural installed ASAP.
They require the same design to appear on multiple walls.
They want the mural for a one-day conference or short pop-up event.
 They desire a mural on lightweight material for easy transportation to other locations.
 They are leasing a location short term and don't want to invest in painting.
 They want the mural to be wrapped on a bus or a glass wall.
Since offering printed murals to clients, I've completed over a dozen projects ranging from $2,000 to $14,000 USD.

Printed murals can be a great stream of income for digital illustrators! I'll share with you why some projects are worth more than others and my personal pricing guidelines.

What you will learn: 

Vinyl wrap basics and advantages of vinyl murals.
 Understand raster and vector art for vinyl murals. 
Crucial questions to ask the client when gathering project details.
How to determine pricing with seven real-life pricing examples from $2k–$14k USD.
How to present a quote and conduct follow-ups with email examples.
 How to present a contract with email examples.
Important tips on confirming measurements.
 Learn proper file and bleed setup and how to export raster and vector art for printing.
 Understand color-proofs and when to include them in your project.
 Tips on delivering your print files with usage rights reminders.
 How to upsell usage to clients at the end of a project.
 Outreach ideas, including how to utilize LinkedIn.

This guide is perfect for: 

Artists who are comfortable creating raster (photoshop & procreate) or vector-based art.
Illustrators who are aiming to diversify their portfolio with unique projects.
 Freelancers who want to offer murals as an à la carte service to their clients.
 Homebodies who wish to stay home and create murals without painting them.
 Overworked muralists who want to free up their time by offering printed murals.

The format of the guide:

 21 written pages of content covering 18 topics in pdf format for desktop or mobile viewing.
 Interactive table of contents with clickable links when viewed digitally.

Reviews from artists who purchased:
As a muralist, I've encountered jobs where clients lacked the budget for handpainted murals or travel accommodations. Instead of declining the gig, I designed the art digitally! Sometimes, clients want printed murals because either the mural was for a one-day event, they want to switch the design easily, or they aren't sure how long they'd lease a location to justify a handpainted install. 

As much as I adore painting, all the intense planning, stress, and labor involved made me appreciate the ease of handing off a digital design. I know many creatives dream of painting murals, and I understand the allure of transforming a blank wall with a brush; however, after five years as a muralist, I can confirm the visual impact of printed murals is equally rad and satisfying!  
Unlike handpainted murals, designing for print allows you to work remotely from home and collaborate with clients from all over! 

You can work for out-of-state and international clients from the comfort of your home, and the time you save from traveling and painting allows you to direct your energy elsewhere. There are so many benefits to printed murals that I sometimes convince my clients to go for that route instead. Check out a selection of printed murals I've done below! 

Need a contract for printed mural projects?

I've got you covered on that, too! When freelancing for clients, it's crucial to have a written and signed contract that protects both you and your client.

A good contract should define: 

✹ Project Deliverables: what you agree to create for the client.
✹ Payment Terms: how much clients will pay you and when payment is due. When to activate late fees and the cost of additional work.
✹ Timeline: a tentative schedule that dictates when the art is due and when clients should give feedback and approval.
 Client Obligations: what responsibilities clients must fulfill for the success of the project.
✹ Termination: when and how you and the client can terminate the contract and what payment and obligations are still enforceable.
✹ Intellectual Property Ownership: who owns the artwork and the right to reproduce, create derivatives, and display.
✹ Usage Rights: how the client can use your art. 
 Disputes Resolution: how you and the client will resolve conflicts.

You can reference and learn from the contract agreement that I use for my clients, written with U.S. laws in mind and specifically for printed murals. The contract comes with an instruction guide that breaks down each clause in simple language so you can understand each term's purpose.

The contract template is available as a bundle with the guide or can be purchased separately.

Don't let painting be the reason why you haven't pursued murals!

In the commercial world, murals are a medium for marketing. This means you don't need to excel at painting. You need to excel at creating custom art that communicates your client's vision. Your creativity and ability to draw custom art in your unique style while delivering a client's brief is what carries the most value. 

At the end of the day, painting is a technical skill that can be outsourced to a sign painter if clients want to invest in a painted mural, so STOP limiting yourself as an artist! 

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