Monoline Alphabet Sampler
In this guide you'll find various ways to draw uppercase letters in monoline (uniform line-width) style. I made this for anyone who wants to add variety to their lettering and penmanship skills. This is an ongoing series so be sure to bookmark this page and come back later for updates.
Follow the animations to see the stroke order and direction, then try drawing the letters yourself! Use a marker, pencil, or pen to achieve the monoline appearance. I'm left handed so my stroke order and direction may feel unnatural to those who are right handed. Do whatever feels best for you! 
To create unique results with thick and thin strokes, draw these letterforms with brush pens or digital brushes on an iPad/tablet!
Is there printable or digital worksheet to help me to practice? 
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Can I use these letterforms in my own work? 
You are welcome to reference the letters in your personal or commercial work but please do not distribute or reproduce this guide and the worksheets as your own. Feel free to share this page with others and as always, I'd love to see what you create! Tag me on Instagram @annlettering to share your work with me. 
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