Vector With Me! Part 1
Let's solve the mystery of vectoring together! 
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Thinking back to when I was first learning how to vector lettering, I had to painfully sort through tutorials to figure out certain terms and concepts. It was overwhelming and I almost gave up because some resources were too hard to grasp through plain reading or a big snooze-fest to my brain! I don't know about you, but I think it's easier to learn by doing, even if I don't quite understand the concept or importance behind a certain process. I much rather just jump in and figure things out by trial and error, which is basically how I started lettering in the first place!
So with that said, instead of writing a comprehensive guide on EVERYTHING you need to know about vectoring, let's just start by drawing a couple letters in Adobe Illustrator! I made a vector worksheet as an .ai file and it contains 4 easy monoline letters for you to practice using the Pen Tool. If you're new to Adobe Illustrator, don't worry! This practice is meant for beginners and I have a How-To video below that goes through the process of vectoring the first letter. Pause or rewind the video anytime to follow along with the worksheet.
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Once you have your download, check out the video below to watch me vector letter "A". If you need more guidance, the worksheet includes a step-by-step written instruction. Now let's open Illustrator and become BFFs with the Pen Tool!
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